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Wellness offers for pregnants

Now everything revolves around you and your baby! So that you as an expectant mother don't miss out, we have put together some tips for body and soul. With our pampering programme you can recharge your batteries and build up strength. Look good for nine months, feel good, stay fit - that's the way to go.

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Massages during pregnancy

Through the alternation between relaxation and stimulation, regular massages serve to regulate energy flows in the body and prevent health disorders or alleviate complaints. Massages stimulate blood circulation, cells are well supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the exchange of nutrients in the placenta is also improved. The stimulation of the lymphatic system leads to a strengthening of the immune system and the increased skin circulation has a positive effect on skin renewal and the activity of the sweat and sebaceous glands.

Tips for expectant mothers

Pregnant women find it beneficial: 

  • Facial massage is used for relaxation and well-being, but can also be used for slight tension in the neck area. The forehead, temple region and cheeks are massaged one after the other.
    25 minutes 39,00 Euro

  • Hand massage - just let yourself be pampered. Hands and arms are massaged, the lymph circulation is stimulated, the circulation is improved. A hand massage has a relaxing effect on the whole organism. 20 minutes 29,00 Euro

  • Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates the drainage of lymphatic fluid through special grip techniques. This form of massage is used to decongest and drain oedemas. The legs are relieved and the feeling of tension and heaviness is reduced. 40 minutes 55,00 Euro

  • Massage for the shoulders, neck and upper back to relieve muscular tension. There is hardly anyone who does not appreciate the pleasant effects that come with stroking and kneading tense muscles. 25 minutes 39.00 euros.

Relaxing massages are healthy for you and your baby. Being pregnant and going to the Kur-Royal are therefore not mutually exclusive. Women who regularly visit steam and vapour baths and sauna facilities have fewer complaints during pregnancy.

The tendency to water retention in the tissues is reduced by the sweat walks and the risk of varicose veins decreases. In addition, the circulation adjustment is practised, which is advantageous directly after birth. Sauna sessions cause the birth canals to dilate more easily during delivery, labour pains can be reduced and the duration of birth can be shortened.

Sweating and increased kidney activity also promote the purification of the body, which is particularly beneficial for the pregnant woman's organism, which also has to deal with the waste products of the child's metabolism.

Nervous tension, the typical companion of a pregnant woman, can be reduced by the positive effect on the nervous system. Steam and vapour baths, sauna bathing relax muscles and psyche, strengthen the immune system and put you in a good mood. Experts agree that pregnancy is not an obstacle to visiting such a facility.

On the contrary: pregnant women can definitely benefit from the interplay of warmth and coolness. Vascular training, for example, leads to a faster flushing out of water retention in the tissues - the tendency to pregnancy stiffness is reduced. The icing on the cake: an easier and shorter birth. At least that's what researchers in Finland claim. In the far north, the majority of pregnant women go to the sauna until shortly before delivery.
It is best to start regular visits before pregnancy. By then, the body has become accustomed to the temperature stimuli.

If you have health problems during pregnancy, you should always consult your doctor. If there are serious illnesses or complications, the sauna must be avoided in any case.

* Source: Deutscher-Sauna-Bund e.V.

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