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Monthly Specials at the Kur-Royal Day Spa

For a diverse spa experience, we offer a special massage experience every month. We kindly ask you to pre-book the monthly offers by phone or email.

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Monthly special September


Fascia surrounds our entire body, muscles, tendons and joints. Through lack of movement,
postures or relieving postures the tissue loses elasticity. The result is adhesions and tensions of fascia and muscles. The massage is performed with fascia rollers, which allow a strong, in-depth treatment.
Connective tissue, fascia and muscles are effectively stimulated in and across the
fibers are effectively stimulated. The subsequent massage with the herbal stamp loosens the
remaining adhesions, promotes blood circulation and supports relaxation. Effect: The body's own metabolism is stimulated. The treated tissue absorbs nutrients
nutrients better, becomes elastic and soft, pains are solved.
Our offer:
50 minutes for 75 € (monthly special please book in advance by phone)
incl. 2 hours of pampering 90 €
incl. 4 hours pampering time 105 €

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Monthly special October

Your feet are pampered with a cream and massaged with a wooden stick.
Effect: The energy blockages are loosened and the whole organism is stimulated

Our offer:
25 minutes for 35 Euro (monthly special please book in advance by phone).
incl. 2 hours pampering time 50,00 Euro
incl. 4 hours pampering time 65,00 Euro

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Do you have any questions about our wellness offers? Contact us, we are pleased to help.
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