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Steam baths and sauna at the Kur-Royal Day Spa

Immerse yourself in the tradition of steam baths and saunas with their different effects: sometimes activating, sometimes detoxifying and calming, but above all: soothing for the senses.

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Sauna of the senses

Cosy warmth, changing colour-light therapy and pleasant fragrances activate your blood circulation as well as your metabolism at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Regular infusions with exclusive fragrances from essential oils enhance the result. Effect: The sauna of the senses helps to activate your blood circulation and stimulates your metabolism.

© © Johannes C. Elze
Hay steam bath

For the hay steam bath we use the power of nature: dried grasses, herbs and meadow flowers from the Bad Homburg spa gardens are heated and release this heat. Shoulders, back areas or even your pelvic region can thus relax perfectly. Effect: The gentle heating of the hay releases the natural compound coumarin. This provides relaxation and soothes, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effect.

© Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Caldarien is in the tradition of Roman steam baths: experience the perfect interplay of warmth and humidity at a low base temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and high humidity at the same time. Effect: The mild overheating promotes circulation. Skin and respiratory organs are moistened, the added fragrances and herbal essences pamper body and mind.

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Herbal steam bath

In the herbal steam bath you enjoy selected herbal essences in mild and dry warmth. Breathe in the spicy mist deeply and feel the stimulating effect of the fresh fir branches laid out on the heated floor. Effect: The pine needles stimulate your foot reflex zones in a pleasant way, the herbal scent promotes circulation and cares for the skin.

© Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

In a mildly overheated air at 45 degrees Celsius, naturally pure essential oils and essences are evaporated. Enjoy the relaxing or invigorating effect - depending on the scent. Effect: The essential substances have a harmonising effect on the vegetative nervous system, body and soul breathe again.

© © Johannes C. Elze
Ice fountain

After a steam or sauna bath, rub your heated body with the ice pieces from the ice fountain. Enjoy the invigorating tingling sensation on your skin. Round off this ice-cold experience with the ice mist and the ice shower. Effect: The glacier-cold freshness stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system.

© Kur- und Kongreß-GmbH Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe
Location plan

Ground floor

1. Saltwater relaxation pool
2. Odorium
3. Hay steam bath
4. Royal deep heat
5. Saltwater park
6. Salon Victoria
7. Salt crystal cave
8. Dream journey

Wardrobe, shower/WC, Spa Garden (only in summer), spring bar, lounge


9. Caldarium
10. Herbal steam bath
11. Sand Light Bath
12. Oriental Saltwater Bath
13. Sauna of the senses
14. Ice fountain
15. Starry sky
16. Waterbar

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