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Aromatic Oil Massage€ 45,00Book now!
Aromatic oil massage, king size€ 69,00Book now!
Breuss massage€ 39,00Book now!
Fascia massage of the back and legs€ 45,00Book now!
Foot and leg massage (Better standing)€ 55,00Book now!
Classic Foot Reflex Zone Massage€ 39,00Book now!
Thai Foot Reflex Zone Massage€ 39,00Book now!
Garshan Massage€ 55,00Book now!
Facial Massage€ 39,00Book now!
Hand massage (shake hands)€ 29,00Book now!
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage€ 80,00Book now!
Hawaiian Lomi massage and facial massage€ 90,00Book now!
Honey Massage€ 39,00Book now!
Hot Stone (Body back) + Facial Massage€ 65,00Book now!
€ 65,00Book now!
Hot Stone Sensitive Massage€ 75,00Book now!
Kaiser Massage€ 95,00Book now!
Body Massage, Partial Body€ 39,00Book now!
Herbal stamp massage€ 75,00Book now!
Louisen Massage€ 85,00Book now!
Lymph Drainage€ 55,00Book now!
Lymph Drainage + Thai Foot Reflex Zone Massage€ 65,00Book now!
Earcandle Massage€ 39,00Book now!
Healthy back-soothing back massage combinde with trigger point therapy€ 90,00Book now!
Cupping€ 55,00Book now!
Foot reflex zone and partial body massage with spine treatment€ 90,00Book now!
Tibetan Massage€ 59,00Book now!
Tibetan Massage + Earcandle Massage € 75,00Book now!
Trigger point therapy€ 45,00Book now!
Trigger point therapy kingsize€ 75,00Book now!
Victoria Massage€ 55,00Book now!
Breuss Spinal Massage / Spinal Wellbeing€ 90,00Book now!