Rates at Kur-Royal

Kur-Royal Inclusive

2 hour visit mo-th  € 25,00 fr, sa, public holidays  € 28,00
4 hour visit mo-th  € 40,00 fr, sa, public holidays € 44,00
Day visit (incl. Snack)
2 softtrinks, wrap or salat, coffee and cake
mo-su  € 69,00    
For spa card holders, 4 hour visit €5,00 discount on current price   
Additional hour   € 9,00    

Combined with Massage of the month
2 hour visit
4 hour visit

mo-su € 15,00
€ 30,00
Please book well 
in advance!

Kur Royal Happy hour (17 Uhr)
Sinlge 2 hour incl. 1 bonus hour
Group of 3 incl. 1 bonus hour


€ 28,00
€ 78,00


Multiple indulgence incl. 1 drink/visit
5 x 3 hours
5 x 5 hours


€ 125,00
€ 200,00

11 x 3 hours
11 x 5 hours
€ 250,00
€ 400,00

Massages and Packs

Mondays through Fridays from as early as 8:00 a.m. onwards. Can be booked independently of Kur-Royal Inclusive. All our staff are trained masseurs or physiotherapists.

Wellness Massages
Aromatic Oil Massage30 min.€ 45,00
Aromatic oil massage, king size50 min.€ 69,00
Garshan Massage40 min.€ 55,00
Facial Massage25 min.€ 39,00
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage60 min.€ 80,00
Honey Massage25 min.€ 39,00
Hot Stone Sensitive Massage55 min.€ 75,00
Herbal stamp massage55 min.€ 75,00
Earcandle Massage40 min.€ 39,00
Tibetan Massage50 min.€ 59,00

Hawaiian Lomi massage and facial massage60 min.€ 90,00
Hot Stone (Body back) + Facial Massage40 min.€ 65,00
Lymph Drainage + Thai Foot Reflex Zone Massage40 min.€ 65,00
Healthy back-soothing back massage combinde with trigger point therapy60 min.€ 90,00
Foot reflex zone and partial body massage with spine treatment60 min.€ 90,00
Tibetan Massage + Earcandle Massage 60 min.€ 75,00

Therapeutic Massages
Fascia massage of the back and legs30 min.€ 45,00
Lymph Drainage40 min.€ 55,00
Cupping40 min.€ 55,00
Trigger point therapy30 min.€ 45,00
Trigger point therapy kingsize50 min.€ 75,00
Breuss Spinal Massage / Spinal Wellbeing60 min.€ 90,00

Classic Massages
Breuss massage25 min.€ 39,00
Foot and leg massage (Better standing)40 min.€ 55,00
Classic Foot Reflex Zone Massage25 min.€ 39,00
Thai Foot Reflex Zone Massage25 min.€ 39,00
Hand massage (shake hands)20 min.€ 29,00
Kaiser Massage75 min.€ 95,00
Body Massage, Partial Body25 min.€ 39,00
Louisen Massage70 min.€ 85,00
Victoria Massage40 min.€ 55,00

Additional applications

Only available in combination with Kur-Royal Inclusive. Appointments must be made!

Please bring a bathing suit and bathing slippers with you. We will provide bath towels, saris and sarongs. We kindly ask Kur-Royal visitors to restrict their textile-free bathing to the Sauna only.

We recommend that you make a reservation for Kur-Royalities and massages.

You will receive an appropriate time credit for all Kur-Royalities and massages booked as part of your Kur-Royal visit. Our massages and packs can also be booked independently of a Kur-Royal visit.

All prices include legally stipulated Value Added Tax. Prices are subject to change.