Spa Etiquette

We want you to feel comfortable

What should you wear in the Kur-Royal?

Please remember that the Kur-Royal Day Spa is not a textile-free spa (except in our sauna of the senses). So don't forget your bikini, bathing suit or trunks and your bath slippers! We will provide a sari (an asian wrap) and bath towels for use during your visit. (Please remember that there is a €20 pawn on the sari if you don't bring it back to the reception.) A bathrobe will not be necessary in the warmth of the Kur-Royal facilities. If necessary, you can always purchase bath slippers or other bathing wear in our shop.

How can you prepare for your spa visit?

You should not epilate or shave your legs on the same day that you have booked a treatment. Otherwise, certain applications or treatments could burn or irritate your skin. We recommend leaving your valuables at home. We cannot hold liable for the loss of your valuables.

When will we charge cancellation fees?

If you cancel until 1 day before having your appointment, there will not be any cancellation fees. Reservations will be held up 10 minutes maximum after the appointed time. If you show up within these 10 minutes, your treatment time will be cutted equal to the lateness. Guests who do not show up at all or after 10 minutes must pay the cancellation fee equal to the price of the appointment.

How should you prepare for your masssage?

Before your body treatment, please remove all clothing except your briefs or panties. We will be happy to provide you with disposable ones for this purpose. All body parts that are not being massaged will be covered with bath towels. If you are facing a cold or an infection, it would be preferable not to make use of any massages.

How punctually do you need to arrive for your massage?

It is always best to be in our facilities 10-15 minutes before your appointment. That way, you can get yourself in the mood for your forthcoming treatment in the relaxed atmosphere of our lounge.

What should you mention before your treatment?

You should inform your therapist about any chronic illnesses, pregnancy, allergies, and so on. And let them know whether the massage should take place with mild or strong pressure. We are confident that the expertise of our competent staff and the sensory pleasures of our Kur-Royal Day Spa will make your visit truly an unforgettable experience.

Electronical devices

So that all our guests can enjoy the spa area in complete peace and relaxation, we ask you to match your conversations according to the surroundings and to mute your mobile phones. Photographing is prohibited at the Kur-Royal Day Spa.